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defense policy were and are central to the governing of this united states. >> right. >> so she can't call that gotcha. it wasn't like a pop quiz on, you know, obscure foreign leaders. and the other thing is she really is nursing this grievance against the media and she loves it. >> maybe it's working for her. >> with all of the fact checking there are times when she has contradicted herself. i want to play you back-to-back something about her decision to run for vice president, first last year on hanity and this week on oprah. >> it was a time of asking the girls to vote on it anyway and they voted unanimously yes. >> this time there wasn't a family vote. >> this was the mommy rules. >> yep. this was i'm going to make the decision. >> so her vote -- it's a lot of revisionist history. the truth is a moving tag wet her sometimes. i don't think it's a very important point i don't think how she decided to run and it underscores why people are uncomfortable with her, the people who are uncomfortable with her. >> she sold 300,000 books the first day. thanks for stopping by. when we come back, j
't the constant beating of the doomsday drum in london that you get in the united states. >> right. you write in this book of the era of hot type and newsrooms filled with colorful characters that keep booze in their drawer. do you miss those days? we're in a totally different era now. >> i was kind of a purity an myself. i had a family when i got it it was a million and a half circulation with foreign correspondents around the world. i had a bit of a sober side, actually, and what i really miss. i don't miss the hot metal very much, although i write about it and it was a lot of fun. what i really miss is the capacity to ask a question and a complicated question and have it answered by the best journalists i've ever come across. when i say why did fillber get away with spying all these years? we didn't even know he was a spy. why did he defect and go to moscow? we didn't know the greatest spy of this century, the last century. >> there was a sense that journalists and i'm all in favor of journalists being well compensated for their talents and that they become wine-sipping members of the uppe
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2